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Our annual membership meeting is Sunday November 13th at 2pm at the PRA Clubhouse.  The purpose of the meeting is to elect directors for the PRA Board, approve the budget for 2017 and give other important information to the membership.  This is a very important meeting so please make every effort to attend.

Listed below are candidates for a 2 year term on the board of directors that the 2016 Nominating Committee* is presenting to the membership for consideration.  Other candidates may be nominated by sending their names in writing to the PRA Board Secretary here no later than 15 days prior to the annual membership meeting.  Also listed are the 3 candidates for next year’s Nominating Committee which consists of 3 members elected by the membership and 2 members elected by the board.  Other candidates may be nominated by sending their names in writing to the PRA Board Secretary no later than 15 days prior to the annual membership meeting.  Candidates for the Nominating Committee (only) may also be nominated from the floor at the annual membership meeting.te


Frank Childs:  Frank is a recently retired financial advisor and a long- time resident of the Piedmont neighborhood.  Frank and his family have been members of PRA since 1976, where he served tenures on the PRA Board as President, and Facilities Director.  His children grew up at the pool where they served as guards, swim team coaches and managers.  He believes in the importance of providing a safe, wholesome, and fun environment, as well as, a great training ground for young people who work for PRA.

Debra (Debbie) Berryman:  Debra is eager to serve on the board for PRA.  She has been a member of the pool for 27 years.  She  wants to see us go forward and improve every year.

Larry Burger:  Larry and Cindy Burger have lived in the Piedmont neighborhood and been members of Piedmont pool since 1990.  In the mid 90’s Larry served as Assistant Treasurer and then Treasurer of PRA.  Larry retired from 30 years as an Army Civil Servant in December 2014 and is currently a defense contractor for a small veteran-owned business.

Doug Shores:  Doug works in Communications and Public Relations for Raytheon in Huntsville.  He and his family have been members of Piedmont pool since 2005.  He enjoys sports, grilling and cold brew coffee.

Joe McEniry:  Joe and his family have been in Huntsville for 33 years, been a member of Piedmont pool for 2 years.  Joe and his wife graduated from UAH. Joe works in the commercial public safety area.  He is a certified official with USA/HSA swimming.


  • Christy Martin
  • Joan May
  • Jennifer Robinson

*2106 Nominating Committee:  Sherry Polk, Chair,  Lawrence Pippins, Christy Martin, Gia Scheutz, Christi Shores

If you have any questions, please contact Skeets Simonis (president@piedmontpool.com).  Again, please make every effort to attend the annual meeting.  A proxy for your vote may be obtained from our website if you are unable attend.  The proxy must be filed with the PRA Secretary or placed in the PRA mailbox no later than 3 days prior to the annual membership meeting.

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